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Working as a counselor in the camp is to lead American children aged 6-16  throughout the day for camp activities. A suitable role for students who have experience working with children or who like to spend time with children.

Camp Counselors must be well qualified through the specific fields. They will take care of the children and direct them to the activities and inform them about different artistic subjects or activities such as sports, arts, education, or take part in the camp’s support team. 

Support Staff

In the role of Support Staff, candidates take part in the execution of the activities in the camp during the day.

Support Staff assisting with maintenance, office or kitchen duties as needed. This means the candidate will be performing grounds work as needed without directly taking the responsibility of the children. There is no need for a professional working experience as there are works that everyone can easily do.


Type of Camps

There are 5 types of camps in which the students can be positioned according to their qualifications and gender.

Daily Camps

Boy / Girl Camps

Special Needs Camps

Underprivileged Camps

Religious Camps

Traditional / Private Camps

How to apply ?

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Why you should work at summer camps?

A Cultural Exchange Experience

Working on camps is the best chance of getting placed at a summer camp in the USA. Camp program is a designated J-1 visa sponsor with the US Department of State. In summer camps, candidates make new friends and create memories. Whether you are a graduate or a new graduate there’s a job for everyone in camps.Camps will take 9 weeks to 13 weeks. You have a chance to travel to the USA for 1 month.

Camp Life Benefits

Camps are the unique experience for candidates to explore , challenge themselves, collaborate with others, and discover in a fun and safe environment. Camp will build teamwork skills like no other. The best part of camp was being able to spend time with kids in the outdoors and becoming part of camp.

Making New Friends

You will make life-long friends and  face up new experiences. You can get a chance to learn new things such as cultural exchange to know more about cultures and lifestyle. This program helps you to improve both self skills and language skills.


Travel America

From big buzzing cities, to stunning national parks, chilled out beaches to traditional towns, the USA has it all! So get ready to plan a travel adventure like no other!


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