Application Steps

Free Pre-Application

In this step, you make a pre-application to get information about the program and to check your eligibility to participate in the program. After your pre-application, our program consultants will contact you for your interview.


You have been interviewed by our program consultants and you are eligible to participate in the program. Now, you can start your registration process by paying the pre-enrollment fee. After your pre-enrollment process, you prepare a profile for yourself on our website with the help of your program consultant. This profile allows you to access the camp list and make your job interview with the camp directors. After your job interviews, you will have your camp placement.

Camp Placement

When you are placed a camp; you should pay the program fee within two weeks. When you pay your program fee, our program sponsor in the USA completes your legal process and sends your DS-2019 form so that you can apply a visa and work legally in the USA.

Health Insurance

When you participate in Camp and Travel program, you are insured to health problems that you may have while working at the camp. Because health expenses are very expensive in America, having insurance is a very important issue. Your health insurance is covered by the program fee.

Visa Application Fee: 160 USD

To participate in Camp and Travel, you need to get a J1 visa. Our consultants take the process with you for your visa application appointment, filling out your online application form and preparing your application documents. The visa application fee is 160 USD.

SEVIS Registration Fee: 35 USD

To join Camp and Travel program, you should be registered in the SEVIS system, which is a student tracking system, during your stay in the United States. You can not apply for a US visa without registering with the SEVIS system. Our consultants will register you in the SEVIS system before your visa application. The SEVIS registration fee is 35 USD.

Flights to America

Congratulations! Your visa has been approved by the American Consulate. Everything is ready for an unforgettable package, we will buy your ticket! If you have registered for the excludes flight tickets program package, it’s time to buy summer except for your plane ticket. If you have registered for the includes flight tickets program your plane ticket!

Free Accommodation and Food

During your stay and work at the camp, your accommodation is covered by your camp. Like your accommodation, your foods are covered by your camp during the camp.