Camp and Travel 2024 Program Costs

Camp and Travel 2024 Program Costs

31st August 2023100 USD150 USD440 USD
30th September 2023100 USD150 USD490 USD
31st October 2023100 USD150 USD540 USD
30st November 2023100 USD150 USD590 USD
31st December 2023100 USD150 USD640 USD
15th March 2024100 USD150 USD690 USD

Included in the program fee;

  • Camp research and placement
  • The work permit from the USA
  • Support throughout the program
  • Camp and Travel T-Shirt
  • Food and beverage expenses

Not included in the program fee;

  • Visa application fee: 185 USD
  • Visa application consultancy: 100 USD
  • Sevis fee: 35 USD
  • Pocket money 250 USD for your daily life in America
  • Flight ticket: 600 USD

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