Types of Summer Camps

Types of Summer Camps

Traditional / Private Camps

Private Camp types are established by families or companies. Children between the ages of 7-16 who can attend summer camps from different countries of the World. This camps is up to 1-8 weeks to under the leadership of international students working in the camps, a wide variety of activities are offered in the fields of water sports, art activities, performing arts, outdoor activities, media and music.

Day Camps

Day Camps is a type of camp that is established in local areas and where children participate daily, so there is no accommodation at night in the camp. Most daily camps run from Monday to Friday as 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening. Many activities such as swimming, dancing, outdoor activities, drama, birthday party, sports activities and team games are held with the children who come daily.

Single Sex Camps

All campers participating in these camp types consist of the same sex as girls or boys, and students working in the camps are selected according to the same gender as the campers. In these camp types, the accommodation areas of girls and boys are different, but students come together in activities.

Girl Scout Camps 

This camp is aimed to give the participating girls campers to do basic camping with fun, new friendships and explore the new many outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering and setting up tents are carried out in the camps.

Special Needs Camps

These camp types serve to meet the needs of children and adults with learning disabilities and special needs for physical and mental disabilities.

Underprivileged Camps

Underprivileged camps are a type of camp that aims to get the summer camp experience through children whose economic status is not proper for attending. Charaties provides them the opportunity for them without any payment.

Christian Camps

As in all other camps, there are many activities in Christian Camps in America. Christianity values ​​are respected in the camp, but employees do not have to be Christian.

Jewish Camps

Some camps in America were established by Jewish families and a great demand by Jewish participants is shown to these camps. Non-Jewish participants can also apply to work in these camp types.

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