Which Positions You Can Work at Summer Camps?

Which Positions You Can Work at Summer Camps?

Which Positions You Can Work at Summer Camps? Camp program is divided into two positions: Camp Staff and Camp Counselor positions. Candidates  work as a Camping Consultant or Camp Leader, work with children in many fields. The main duty is to coordinate, conduct, and lead all activities during their stay at the camp. They must ensure their safety and act as a role model during this time. Duties include guiding teenagers, children in camping and dealing with general camp duties.

Camp Counselor

Working as a counselor in the camp is to lead American children aged 6-16  throughout the day for camp activities. A suitable role for students who have experience working with children or who like to spend time with children. Camp Counselor must be well qualified through the specific fields. They will take care of the children and direct them to the activities and inform them about different artistic subjects or activities such as sports, arts, education, or take part in the camp’s support team. If candidates have a special talency they will work as counselor such as general counselor,  sports and horse riding counselor, adventure counselor, waterfront staff (lifeguard) and special need counselor. Counselor is responsible for planning, organizing and teaching one or more specific activity area. Their English skill must be good enough for communication with children. The camp counselor spend most of their time specialty area, teaching different children from various age groups. These activities will last approximately one hour per group and you will have several groups coming to your activity each day. In some camps, counselors work only as an activities counselor. As Counselor, most of the day passes by following the activity schedule determined by the camp and taking care of the children. Counselor students stay in the same cabins with the children and eat their meals together.

Support Staff 

Support Staff assisting with Maintenance, Office or Kitchen Duties as needed. This means candidate will be performing grounds work (lawn mowing, weed whipping, hand pull weeds, trimming trees, etc.) and assist with general property maintenance as needed (empty the trash bins and recycling). As Support Staff, working in the camp take duties in cooking, cleaning, lawn cutting, repairs that the camp needs, without directly taking the responsibility of the children. There is no need for a professional working experience as there are works that everyone can easily do.

In the role of Support Staff, candidates take part in the execution of the activities in the camp during the day. For example, the student working in the kitchen helps to prepare the morning, lunch and dinner meals and he/she is responsible for kitchen cleaning. 

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